Tearing Tester-Membrane Switch

Label:Eleimendorf Test Principle, Waterproof Membranes, Non-woven Fabrics., Electronic Measurement

Dec 7, 202013240

Tearing Tester-Membrane Switch

The tear tester adopts the Eleimendorf test principle, which is mainly suitable for films, sheets, soft polyvinyl chloride, polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), waterproof membranes, woven materials, polyolefins, polyester, paper, Tear resistance testing of cardboard, textiles and non-woven fabrics.

The average value of the force required to tear the pre-cut paper (or cardboard) to a certain length. If the initial cut is longitudinal, the measured result is the longitudinal tear. If the initial incision is transverse, the measured result is the transverse tear.

Main Features:

1. The system is controlled by a computer and adopts automatic and electronic measurement methods to facilitate users to conduct test operations quickly and conveniently;
2. Pneumatic specimen clamping and pendulum release effectively avoid system errors caused by human factors;
3. The computer level adjustment auxiliary system can ensure that the instrument is always in the best test state;
4. Equipped with multiple sets of pendulum body capacity to meet different testing needs of users;
5. Professional software supports data output of various test units.


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