Spiral Mixer-Membrane Switch

Label:Industrial Equipment, Mechanical System, Mixing Element, Control Panel, Measuring

Oct 15, 202014520

Spiral Mixer-Membrane Switch

The spiral mixer is an industrial equipment conceived to prepare food, chemical, ceramic dough or other sort of product, replacing manual labour through a mechanical system that allows to produce, continuously, large quantities of dough. They are composed by:

Bowl for ingredients placement

Mixing element (spiral hook, fork, arm or other system)

Two independent motors that start/trigger the bowl and spiral hook movements

Interconnection of technological procedures that allows the control of the mixing process and other labour (measuring ingredients, programming times and speeds) through the control panel.

The material enters the trough from the feeding end, and is gradually moved to the discharge end and discharged through the mixing and pushing action of the rotating blade. Compared with the wheel mill: the materials are not mixed uniformly, the air in the materials cannot be discharged well, the wetting between the moisture and the particles is not sufficient, but the spiral mixer can work continuously, with high productivity, simple structure, and operation maintenance is easy.


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