Sonar Detector-Membrane Switch

Label:Electronic Device, Sound Waves, Electro-acoustic Conversion, Underwater

Dec 1, 202014880

Sonar Detector-Membrane Switch

It is an electronic device that uses the propagation characteristics of sound waves under water to complete underwater detection and communication tasks through electro-acoustic conversion and information processing. It has two types, active and passive, and belongs to the category of acoustic positioning. It uses underwater sound waves to detect, locate and communicate with underwater targets. It is the most widely used and most important device in underwater acoustics.

Main Features:

1.Aluminum alloy material design, strong environmental adaptability.

2.High degree of recognition, with functions of positioning, trajectory and depth prediction.

3.Equipped with underwater camera to understand the underwater environment in real time.

4.Wireless transmission function, real-time understanding of the scene.


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