Solder Paste Viscometer-Membrane Switch

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Dec 14, 202017462

Solder Paste Viscometer-Membrane Switch

The solder paste viscometer is a coaxial double cylindrical rotary viscometer that uses a screw pump sensor. It is a physical analysis instrument for liquid viscosity. 

It reflects the friction between the molecules of the fluid under the action of external force through the detection of physical properties. Mainly used in industrial production and scientific research to monitor the composition and quality of substances by measuring viscosity. The solder paste viscometer is mainly used to measure the viscosity value of the solder paste in the liquid state. A special fixture is designed inside the container, which can be applied to various packaging solder paste cans. The measurement accuracy is the result of testing with silica gel test liquid at 10RPM rotation speed.

Main Features:

1. The reproducibility of non-Newtonian fluid is very good, and it can be measured continuously (sliding speed, sliding time constant);
2. The fixture in the container is suitable for all kinds of packaging tin paste cans;
3. Built-in printer that can print out various data;
4. According to the tightness and temperature adjustment skills of the measuring department;
5. Automatic measurement, data readout for automatic calculation.


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