Sludge Level Instrument-Membrane Switch

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Oct 30, 202015480

Sludge Level Instrument-Membrane Switch

The sludge level meter is a common instrument used in the wastewater treatment industry to monitor the thickness of sludge in a settling or thickening tank. So what are the specific areas and occasions where sludge level meters are used?

The sludge level meter is practical and easy to operate, and is an investment effective system for water and wastewater treatment plants. Consistent sludge level monitoring data can directly improve the quality of the effluent.

It can be widely used in the field of sludge level monitoring in water plant settling ponds, mine washing ponds, power slurry settling ponds, preliminary settling ponds, secondary settling ponds, thickening ponds in sewage treatment plants and slurry settling ponds in the power industry.

After comparing and studying the design of most sludge level meters on the market, we found that the instrument basically adopts a layout with the central display area and the operation area at the bottom or both sides. Most of the operation keypads are of matrix design, which is neat and easy for users to operate.

There is another important point. Basically all the sludge level instruments are light in color, while the keys are darker in color. The advantage of this is that in low visibility situations, the contrast between the two colors allows the user to accurately locate the location of the keys and operate them accordingly.

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