Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Apr 13, 202325616

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Suitable for sealing various food, meat, sea food, vegetables and fruits, medical products, metal products and so on. It can automatically seal the packaging bag immediately after it is vacuumized.The vacuum degree in the bag is high, the residual air is small

Microcomputer operation panel, The button operation is simple, and the emergency stop switch is set, and the program can be interrupted in case of emergency, there is memory function after editing the parameters,which is no need to repeat editing

The machine is of visual design, withexplosion-proof toughened plexiglass cover, theoperation is clear at a glance, simple and easy. The equipment adopts high-quality sealing tape, the machine heats up quickly, the heating is more even, the sealing is strong, firm andbeautiful

The machine adopts movable casters made of high-quality wear-resistant rubber, which can rotate 360° in all directions for easy handling and movement of the machine

Minimum absolute pressure of the vacuum chamber : <1KPa, Packing speed: 1-3T/Min, Voltage: 110V/60HZ, Power of Electricity : 0.75KW, Power of Heating: 0.8KW, Rate of Exhausting: 5.5L/S, Product Size : 18.9*20.86*37inch, Weight : 90kg/198lbs


DZ-400 series vacuum packaging machine is a novel packaging machine.

It automatically seals the bag after it is vacuumed.

The vacuum inside the bag is high and the residual air is small.

For some soft articles, after packaging, it can reduce the packaging volume and facilitate transportation and storage.

This series of vacuum packaging machine uses a composite film bag to vacuum seal various solid, powder, paste and liquid products of various foods, medicines, native products, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, hardware and electronic components.

To achieve quality, freshness, taste, color retention, in order to facilitate the storage time, easy transportation and foreign exchange earned by the export of packaged goods.


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