Single Axis Diameter Gauge-Mmebrane Switch

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Dec 3, 202011980

Single Axis Diameter Gauge-Mmebrane Switch

The uniaxial diameter gauge adopts the object-side telecentric optical path system and CCD imaging method for non-contact size detection. Its core component is the telecentric photoelectric probe, referred to as "photoelectric probe". Each set of probes consists of a transmitting lens and a receiving lens. The light emitted by the point light source in the emitting lens passes through the emitting lens to form a parallel light field of view. The parallel light in the field of view is then focused by the receiving lens and imaged on the CCD chip. When the measured object passes through the field of view, the part blocked by the measured object is displayed as a dull shadow on the CCD chip. Through the photoelectric conversion of the CCD chip and the digital processing of the corresponding circuit system, the diameter of the measured object can be calculated by the width of the shadow.

The diameter gauge has been effectively used in the measurement and control of the outer diameter, thickness, width, etc. in the laboratory measurement and inspection, steel mills/wire plants, and optical (electric) cable production. The characteristic is an important measurement and monitoring method in the above-mentioned production fields.

It can be used for non-contact measurement and control of object size, such as part height, diameter, wire diameter, width, outer diameter, thickness, etc. Effectively reduce the cost of single-piece inspection after production, and can effectively save the loss of raw materials and reduce personnel requirements.


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