Shock Wave Tester-Membrane Switch

Label:Shock Wave Tester, Blasting Impacts, Explosion Source

Dec 15, 2020177422

Shock Wave Tester-Membrane Switch

The shock wave tester is suitable for measuring the intensity of the air shock wave generated by explosion. Any engineering blasting impacts and compresses the surrounding air, and the pressure of the shock wave that forms the dynamic fluctuation is higher than that of the free air, which may cause damage to buildings or structures within a certain distance. Therefore, according to different distances from the explosion source, calibrate different wave strength levels before taking corresponding preventive measures.


1.External field explosion shock wave overpressure, vibration, temperature and other physical quantities test;
2.Damage test of various targets such as ships and buildings;
3.Laboratory high-speed dynamic signal test.

Main Features:

1.Built-in or external IEPE or piezoelectric sensors, high-speed thermocouples can be used to complete the measurement of free-field shock waves, near-field temperature, vibration acceleration and other parameters;

2.Real-time functional verification of sensors;

3.Membrane panel control, simple and convenient application.


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