Servo Press-Membrane Switch

Label:Press Machine, Servomotor, Control, Forming Techniques, Membrane Switch Assembly

Oct 14, 202012060

Servo Press-Membrane Switch

A Servo Press is a press machine that uses a servomotor as the drive source. The advantage of the servomotor is that it can control both the position and speed of the output shaft compared to a constant cycle speed. In conventional mechanical presses, the press cycles at constant speed and press loads develop slowly, building power to their maximum force at bottom dead center (180-degree crank position), and then they reverse direction. In comparison, the Servo Press uses software to control press speed and position, which is much more flexible.

Servo Presses have a closed-loop feedback system to more accurately control cycle rate and loads through the membrane switch assembly, hence delivering a key advantage, which is the application of very high forming loads early in the stamping stroke. New forming techniques have been developed utilizing these features, and automakers are finding that with the use of the Servo Press, more complex part geometries can be achieved while maintaining dimensional precision.

Servo Presses have only been around for about 10 to 15 years, and so are considered “new technology” for the automotive industry. 


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