Scientific Laboratory Muffle Furnace

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May 16, 20234822

Scientific Laboratory Muffle Furnace


Laboratory economic muffle furnace with flap door. Max temperature 1050℃. Recommended ideal running temperature is 850℃~900℃

Water, soil, ceramic, metal, alloy, plastic and battery electrolyte analysis, heat treatment and innovation. Heating from 3 sides and single housing

Excellent outgassing thanks to the exhaust air outlet on the head of chamber, i.e plastic polymer

Light weight (22kg, 49lbs), 150x260x130mm internal, 5L, 1.5kW heater, 110V

Universal use for metal and ceramic heat treatment including annealing, sintering, melting, combustion, ashing and densification.

SH Scientific laboratory benchtop economic muffle furnace MGE series goes up to max 1050 degrees Celsius (℃) and the ideal operating temperature is 850~900 degrees Celsius (℃).

If your testing is carried out under this temperature in any case, do not overpay for standard design. 

This economic muffle furnace is designed for your budget-saving. 

SH Scientific muffle furnace takes less than 40min to reach 800℃ and we provide a variety of sizes, temperature programmable control models and various temperature range. 

SH Scientific muffle furnaces are ideal for wide range of application including ashing, calcination, oxidation, sintering, hardening and softening, melting, thermocouple calibration, annealing, ashing, combustion, densification, stress relieving and etc.


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