Rotational Rheometer-Membrane Switch

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Dec 11, 202014720

Rotational Rheometer-Membrane Switch

Rotational rheometer is one of the instruments for studying and measuring the rheological properties of materials. It adopts the method of applying forced steady-state rate load, steady-state stress load, dynamic sinusoidal periodic strain load or dynamic sinusoidal periodic stress load to the sample to observe the sample Response data of applied load. It is the most widely used rheology measuring instrument in the field of materials, which can study the flow and deformation characteristics of low-viscosity fluids to high-strength solid samples.

Rotational rheometers have a variety of temperature control systems to choose from. The higher the level of rheometers, the more temperature control systems are available, and the wider the temperature range; low-level rotary rheometers generally use liquid circulators as temperature control equipment. High-grade rotary rheometers generally can choose semiconductor temperature control, electric heating temperature control, convection radiation furnace temperature control, etc.

Main Features:

1.Multifunctional 7-inch touch screen instrument brings you more convenient operation;

2.Cast from high-performance mineral composite materials, with high vibration damping, minimum temperature expansion and high chemical resistance;

3.Wide selection of temperature control modules, measuring rotors and application-oriented measuring units.


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