Rewinding Machine-Membrane Switch

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Oct 17, 202013040

Rewinding Machine-Membrane Switch

The rewinding machine is a mechanical equipment for cleaning small coils and stockings in the textile process.

The high-speed rewinding machine is a new product that has been technically modified. After long-term operation tests, it has good performance. The body is simple, the layout is reasonable, and the operation is simple.

It is a necessary auxiliary machine for chemical fiber enterprises to reduce production costs and improve product quality and economic benefits. The use of a rewinding machine can solve the problem of small coils and tube feet in the production of chemical fiber, weaving and hosiery enterprises. 

The main features of the rewinding machine are as follows: It adopts a precision winding method, and its structure is mainly composed of a bobbin holder, a friction roller and a barrel. The length guide rail channel tie rod installed on the spool box is connected with the bobbin holder. When the winding diameter gradually increases, the reciprocating stroke of the thread guide sliding in the guide rail is gradually shortened to achieve double cone winding; The winding form of the machine is cross winding, and the anti-overlap function is realized by adopting more frequency converters and controlling the speed of the drum motor to make the drum speed fluctuate, changing the position of the yarn guide, and destroying the overlapping conditions of the yarn. of. The rewinding machine is widely used in socks and garment industries.


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