Red Light Therapy Device-Membrane Switch

Label:Phototherapy Equipment, Large-scale Diseases, Curative Effect, Band Penetrates

Oct 21, 202012760

Red Light Therapy Device-Membrane Switch

The red light therapy device is a new type of phototherapy equipment that can be used in hospitals and homes. Its basic principle is to obtain a red visible light band of 600~700nm mainly through a special filter. This band penetrates deeply into the human body and has better curative effect. 

The whole machine has high output power (equivalent to more than one hundred times that of He-Ne laser) and large spot (equivalent to hundreds of times that of He-Ne laser), providing a better treatment method for treating some large-scale diseases. The light output is divided into "strong" and "weak" grades to suit patients of different constitutions. The whole machine adopts a movable floo cabinet design, and the red light lamp holder can also be raised and lowered steadily by electric power, which greatly facilitates medical workers.


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