Radiation Detector-Membrane Switch

Label:Radioactive Materials, X-rays

Oct 16, 202011780

Radiation Detector-Membrane Switch

Radiation measurement tasks are for situations where there is a known presence of radioactive materials which need to be monitored. The goal with this type of detection is awareness. Awareness of the strength of an established radioactive field, the boundaries of a radioactive area, or simply of the spread of radioactive contamination. 

Radiation detectors play a vital role in protecting against terrorist action. Of greatest importance is the screening of shipments at their point of origin and on their arrival at a domestic port. X-rays are helpful in finding well-shielded items in large shipping containers, prompting further inspection. Portable X-ray generators powered with batteries are available, giving 150-keV rays that can penetrate half an inch of steel.

The radiation detector is an instrument used to measure high-energy and low-energy x and gamma rays. The intelligent radiometer uses a highly sensitive scintillation crystal as a detector with a fast response speed, and is used to monitor x, gamma rays, and radiation dose rates in various radioactive workplaces.


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