Radar Level Gauge-Membrane Switch

Label:Microwave Pulse, Beam Energy, Granular materials, Electromagnetic Waves

Nov 11, 202011120

Radar Level Gauge-Membrane Switch

The radar level gauge adopts the microwave pulse measurement method, and it can be normal in the industrial frequency band, and the beam energy is low. It can be installed in various metal, non-metal containers or pipelines, and can measure the level of liquid, slurry and granular materials. Perform non-contact continuous measurement.

It is suitable for occasions with large changes in dust, temperature and pressure, and the presence of inert gas and steam. The radar level gauge is not harmful to the human body and the environment, and it is not affected by the specific gravity of the medium.

Electromagnetic waves can penetrate interference sources such as space steam and dust, and are easily reflected when encountering obstacles. The better the conductivity or dielectric constant of the measured medium, the better the reflection effect of the echo signal. The higher the frequency of the radar wave, the smaller the emission angle, the greater the energy (magnetic flux or field strength) per unit area, the smaller the wave attenuation, and the better the measurement effect of the radar level gauge.


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