Pro-2500 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Label:Storage Equipment, Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Apr 19, 20235362

Pro-2500 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

About this item

It ensures leak-free sealing - Keep your liquid-rich foods fresh for longer with the Avid Armor food vacuum sealer machine. This air sealer machine provides high vacuum pressure to effectively seal soups, sauces, marinades, or even your favorite cocktails.

Marinating made is easy - Unlike regular vacuum sealers for food, our kitchen sealing machine lets you marinate food items in the vaccum chamber. Place your meat in vacuum packers for food to open up its surface and soak it in the marinade for minutes.

It's easy-to-use food packing machine - This vacuum seal machine has straightforward, one-touch controls to ensure a perfect, positive seal. It also comes with an 11.5-inch chamber vacuum seal bar and 2 sealing wires, so you pack more food items faster.

Sleek, compact design - Pack individual or small, family-sized servings with our small vacuum sealer. This meat vacuum sealer machine chamber measures 12.25”W x 8.5”L x 3”H and has a clear glass lid for easy loading. Place your vac sealer machine on your countertop.

It includes an air seal machine hose - This commercial vacuum sealer machine comes with an accessory hose to connect vacuum canisters, containers, and mason jars. Secure larger items or multiple servings using your vaccum sealer for food packs.


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