Pneumatic Screw Capping Machine-Membrane Switch

Label:Torque Control, Switch, Pneumatic System

Oct 15, 202012580

Pneumatic Screw Capping Machine-Membrane Switch

Semi-automatic capping machine is a bench/table top screw capper machine. Available in pneumatic or electric versions with adjustable torque control and has reverse / forward switch. It has a range of chucks and inserts to suit a variety of capsizes. consequently reducing labour fatigue and repetitive strain injury.

Air operated capper suitable for closing twist off screw caps. The operator put the cap in the magnetic cap chuck and pushes the buttons placed at both sides of the machine base. The closing head descends toward the cap, closing it while a pneumatic system blocks the container preventing it from spinning.

The capping machine can be conveniently used to tighten or loosen various bottle caps. Its adjustable clutch can effectively avoid damage to the bottle cap and reduce the wear of the inner plug. Once the cap is tightened, the chuck automatically stops rotating, indicating that you can proceed to the next cap operation. If you purchase the bracket at the same time, the capping machine can be turned up lightly and neatly. This series of machines can effectively reduce labor intensity and ensure the quality of capping.


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