Plasma Quick Freezer-Membrane Switch

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Oct 21, 202010880

Plasma Quick Freezer-Membrane Switch

The plasma quick-freezer is an important way of medical treatment during clinical blood transfusion. With the diversification and advancement of medical methods, the blood transfusion method has gradually developed from the previous method of whole blood transfusion to the method of transfusing blood components according to the needs of patients. The main way to improve the safety and economy of blood use during component blood transfusion. In order to ensure the quality of plasma, it is required that the plasma must be separated from whole blood within 6 to 8 hours after blood collection and quick-frozen into blocks at low temperatures. There are many equipment for preparing fresh frozen plasma, but the main equipment is a special plasma quick-freezer.

As an important equipment to ensure the quality of plasma, plasma quick freezers are not only used in central blood stations, but also widely used in large and medium-sized hospitals and biological preparation plants. The development of plasma quick-freezer is accompanied by the development of refrigeration technology, control technology, medical level and industrial design level. Various performance indicators have basically met the requirements of the medical and health field. However, there are still many shortcomings. There is still a lot of room for development in terms of equipment structure, control technology, system defrosting, and cold plate technology.


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