Personnel Hygiene Station-Membrane Switch

Label:Personnel-Clean, Industrial Environments, Compressed Air, Dedusting

Oct 15, 20209880

Personnel Hygiene Station-Membrane Switch

The Personnel  Hygiene Station is an innovative, safe and effective tool for personnel-clean down and de-dusting operations – particularly useful in industrial environments. For too long, employees have used compressed air guns/nozzles to carry out this basic hygiene function, but as safety awareness and legislation have improved, the full dangers of compressed air are now known, and employers are doing what they can to avoid any unnecessary use of it. Compressed air has the potential to be extremely dangerous, so companies should always try and minimize their use, particularly for cleaning and dedusting operations.  

The personnel hygiene station is suitable for installation at the entrance of the food production workshop. It can quickly isolate the contamination of the hands and shoe soles of the personnel entering the food production workshop at the entrance of the workshop. The user can quickly, easily and effectively complete the above work to remove germ , Microorganisms to prevent cross infection. The user can get effective cleaning through the cleaning platform, and the cleaning is fast and efficient, and the decontamination is rapid.

The intended purpose of the Personnel Cleaning Station is to give companies a safer and effective alternative to compressed air for dedusting and clean down of their workwear and PPE equipment, offering employers peace of mind as any dangers posed by compressed air are immediately removed.


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