PAT Tester-Membrane Switch

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Oct 15, 202013962

PAT Tester-Membrane Switch

Portable appliance testing is the term used to describe the testing of electrical appliances to ensure they are safe to use. It is often referred to as the acronym PAT. Its purpose is to prevent electrical accidents in the work and home environment. A full PAT test should include both a visual assessment and a more in-depth inspection using specialist PAT testing equipment.


The set of tests is performed with one click of START button on the control panel, inspecting of the electrical appliance to check that they are safe to use. The main purpose of this is to prevent danger in the workplace by minimising the risk of electrical accidents.


The portable electrical appliance tester has a very compact structure and high durability, which is sufficient for on-site work and has all the functions required for testing portable electrical appliances.


The following are the main design features of the instrument:


1. Membrane keypad design, each test can be done with only one key;

2. The large and bright backlit display screen is clear and easy to read;

3. The detachable test line can be replaced quickly.



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