Oil Quality Detector-Membrane Switch

Label:Lubricating Oil, Pollution Degree, Metal Abrasive Particles, Moisture Content

Nov 20, 202013188

Oil Quality Detector-Membrane Switch

The oil quality detector can judge the pollution degree of the lubricating oil on site to determine whether to change the oil. Detecting whether newly purchased lubricating oil is qualified is an indispensable testing tool for enterprises to protect equipment, save energy, strengthen lubrication management, and realize oil change according to quality.

Main Features:

1. Detect the pollution degree of lubricating oil within 5 minutes;
2. It can detect metal abrasive particles above 60 microns;
3. Judge whether the newly purchased oil product is qualified;
4. Determine whether the lubricating oil contains light oil;
5. Detect trace moisture content in oil within 3 minutes;
6. With a micro printer, the test results can be printed out instantly and intuitively.


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