Noodle Pressing Machine-Membrane Switch

Label:Noodles, Machine and Electricity, Dough Forming, Safety Switches

Oct 23, 202012440

Noodle Pressing Machine-Membrane Switch
Large-scale industrial noodle pressing machine is to roll the dough after mixing and maturation through multiple relative rotating rollers to roll the dough from thick and thin into noodles.

Sheet pressing is an important step in the production of dried noodles. The performance of the noodle press is directly related to the appearance, thickness, quality, and cooking properties of the noodles. The function of the press is to make the gluten in the dough further form a fine network and make the dough become a certain thickness and extensible noodles.

The whole machine adopts the integration of light, machine and electricity to automatically complete the dough forming. At the same time, safety fences and emergency safety switches are added to improve the safety of the equipment operation.


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