Muffle Furnace-Membrane Switch

Label:Ceramic Sintering, Glass Precision, Elemental Analysis, Temperature Controller, Crystal Precision Annealing

Oct 29, 20207220

Muffle Furnace-Membrane Switch

The muffle furnace is a universal heating equipment for laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, and scientific research units for elemental analysis and determination, ceramic sintering, dissolution and analysis, glass precision annealing and microcrystallization, crystal precision annealing, ceramic glaze preparation, powder metallurgy, sintering of nano-materials, metal parts quenching, annealing, tempering, etc.  that requires rapid heating process.

The muffle furnace is equipped with a silicon temperature controller and a nickel-chromium-nickel-silicon/platinum rhodium-platinum/platinum rhodium-platinum rhodium thermocouple, which can measure, indicate and automatically control the furnace temperature, with simple operation.