Mooney Viscometer-Membrane Switch

Label:Mooney Viscosity, Raw Rubber, Stress Relaxation, Temperature Control Systems

Dec 9, 202013180

Mooney Viscometer-Membrane Switch

The Mooney viscometer is an instrument used to measure the Mooney viscosity of raw rubber or rubber compound. It provides three measurement data, one is the measurement of Mooney viscosity, the other is the measurement of stress relaxation characteristics, and the third is the scorch time determination.

High-precision sensors, control systems, rotating systems, temperature control systems, data transmission methods, display methods, rotors, measurement and control methods, etc. are the main technical indicators of the Mooney viscometer.

Main Features:

1.High precision sensor: Mooney value accuracy within ±0.5 Mooney value;

2.Computer control and interface board are used to collect, save, process and print test results and curve processing of data;

3.Temperature control system: Intelligent digital temperature control instrument, temperature control range 0-200℃, temperature measurement control accuracy ≤±0.3℃, temperature resolution 0.1℃;

4.User-friendly measurement and control methods, mouse click-to-use or host panel touch button.


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