Microwave Synthesizer-Membrane Switch

Label:Pharmaceutical Reactions, Medicinal Chemistry, Polymerization, Solvent Extraction

Nov 20, 202014880

Microwave Synthesizer-Membrane Switch

Microwave synthesizer can catalyze and complete many types of organic, pharmaceutical and biochemical reactions, food, natural products and minerals, such as addition, substitution, esterification, hydrolysis, alkane (acyl) grouping, polymerization, condensation, cyclization and oxidation. Physical processes such as solvent extraction.

Suitable for organic synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, food science, quarantine and epidemic prevention, military chemistry, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, petrochemical industry, materials science, biomedicine and other related fields.

The instrument has important application value in the above-mentioned fields. It induces or accelerates chemical reactions and physical processes through enthalpy and entropy effects, which makes the reaction speed hundreds or even thousands of times faster than conventional methods, and at the same time improves reaction selectivity and yield , So that many difficult or very slow chemical reactions or physical processes in the past have become easy to achieve and complete at high speed.


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