Micro-Perfusion Pump-Membrane Switch

Label:Peristaltic Pump, Tachometer, Analog Rotation, Internal Control

Oct 16, 20207080

Micro-Perfusion Pump-Membrane Switch

The Micro-Perfusion Pump is a miniature, single or dual, channel, full-featured peristaltic pump designed for specific ranges of flow rates conducive to microscopy. 

Unlike most peristaltic pumps that are driven by stepper motors, the Micro-Perfusion Pump is driven by a tachometer regulated, multi-stage DC gear motor. This assures a smooth analog rotation of the roller spindle, free of instantaneous steps.

It is regulated by either the internal control circuitry adjustable from 0.8 μL/min to 18 ml/min (dependent on pump model). The pump comes with a 15 volt AC adapter and also contains an internal 9 volt battery which can function as the primary power supply if needed.