Micro Dispensing System-Membrane Switch

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Nov 11, 202011900

Micro Dispensing System-Membrane Switch

Micro dispensing system, also known as glue spreader, glue dispenser, etc., specializes in fluid control. The automatic machine that drips and coats the fluid on the surface or inside of the product can realize three-dimensional and four-dimensional path dispensing, positioning, glue control, no drawing, no leakage, no glue. The glue dispenser is mainly used for the glue, paint and other liquids in the product process to point, inject, apply, and drop to each product position. It can be used to achieve dot, line, round or arc.


There are currently three types of dispenser system solutions popular on the market.


The first is a system composed of a motion control card and a PC. However, the hardware cost of the PC + motion control card itself is relatively high, and the PC is also prone to failure, which leads to an increase in the production cost of the enterprise. At present, this solution is being used less and less for enterprises, and is close to being phased out.


The second is the motion controller solution embedded in the LCD screen, which generally develops in the direction of integration, separates from the PC, and develops toward professional control. It is currently the most widely used solution.


The third type is a system composed of a high-performance offline motion control card + a man-machine interface handheld box. This type of dispenser system solution is a breakthrough in the dispensing industry. Its high performance combined with low cost is the latest solution with a very cost-effective advantage.


The human-machine interface design of the dispensing system follows the principles of general equipment interface design, focusing on humanization and individualization. In the figure, we can see that the man-machine interface is a very standard matrix membrane keypad layout: the display window is located on the upper part of the panel; the keys occupy most of the area of the entire panel; some keys are embedded with LED indicators.


It can be said that this man-machine interface design is a standard format for membrane panel design. If you are confused about the design of membrane panels, you can refer to this one. 


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