Membrane Separation Equipment-Membrane Switch

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Oct 26, 20205600

Membrane Separation Equipment-Membrane Switch

Membrane separation equipment is a large-scale mechanical equipment that uses membrane separation technology and is manufactured in the production plant according to its membrane separation technical parameter standards. Its equipment can do the separation, and the effect is far beyond the traditional separation method.

The core technology of membrane separation equipment is membrane separation technology. The separation membrane is a material with selective separation function. The working principle is the physical and mechanical sieving. The separation process uses the selective separation mechanism of the membrane to realize the separation between the different components of the feed liquid.

The equipment is generally controlled by a fully automatic microcomputer. The flow, pressure, and temperature are directly set through a high-quality touch screen. The data is displayed online and can be compared to historical data to evaluate the separation effect. It also has a data storage function, which makes the operation more convenient.