Mass Flowmeter-Membrane Switch

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Apr 14, 2021210644

Mass Flowmeter-Membrane Switch

The mass flow meter is a new type of measuring instrument that directly measures the mass flow of fluid in a closed pipeline. Its structure is generally composed of a signal measuring sensor and a signal converter.

The working principle is that the mass flow meter adopts thermal measurement, and the flow is measured by the molecular mass taken away by the split molecules. Because it is measured by thermal measurement, it will not affect the measurement due to changes in gas temperature and pressure.

4 Significant Advantages of Mass Flow Meters

1. The accuracy of flow measurement and control will not be affected by temperature or pressure

For most flow measurement and control systems, it is difficult to avoid system pressure fluctuations and environmental and medium temperature changes. For ordinary flow meters, pressure and temperature fluctuations will cause large errors; for mass flow meters/mass flow controllers, such issues can generally be ignored.

2. Automation of measurement control

The mass flow meter/mass flow controller can output the flow measurement value as a standard electrical signal output. In this way, it is easy to realize the digital display of the flow, automatic measurement of the accumulated flow, automatic data recording, computer management and so on.

For mass flow controllers, automatic flow control can also be realized.

Generally, analog MFC/MFM input and output signals are 0~+5V or 4~20mA. Digital MFC/MFM is also equipped with RS232 or RS485 digital serial communication port, which can be easily connected to a computer for automatic control.

3. Control the flow accurately and quantitatively

The mass flow controller can accurately control the given amount of gas, which is particularly useful for the flow control of many processes and the proportional control of different gases.

4. Wide application range

Because the mass flowmeter can directly measure the mass flow of fluid beads, it has high measurement accuracy, wide application range, low installation requirements, reliable instrument operation, and low maintenance rate. Mass flowmeters have been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, food and other fields of flow measurement. 


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