Laboratory Mixer Machine-Membrane Switch

Label:Automatic, Rotary, Membrane Switch, Pressure Sensor

Oct 14, 202012640

Laboratory Mixer Machine-Membrane Switch

The mixer machine automatically performs all movements such as clamping, rotation, and mixing. Equipped with a series of automatic lifting mixers and a variety of mixing hoppers of different specifications, the lab mixer machine can meet the mixing requirements of large quantities and varieties, and is the ideal equipment for total pharmaceutical mixing.

Push the mixing hopper into the rotary body and press the “confirm” button on the membrane switch to automatically raise the return hopper into position and automatically clamp it. After the pressure sensor receives the clamping signal, the drive system works according to the set time and speed. Mixing; after the set parameters are reached, the rotor can automatically stop vertically, while the brake system works and the mixing ends.

The main application fields are: laboratories and experiments in higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, water plants, sewage treatment plants, water supply/drainage, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry, pharmacy, electric power, papermaking, printing and dyeing industries room.


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