LED Digital Display Steam Disinfector

Label:Steam Disinfector

May 24, 20234040

LED Digital Display Steam Disinfector

Precise Setting

Autoclave sterilizer temperature setting range: 50-126 ℃, time setting range: 0-999 minutes, sterilizer with microcomputer control system, using the "LED" digital display to run

Anti-Scalding Shell

The shell conforms to the humanized design concept, and the material is made of high-quality high-temperature resistant engineering plastic, avoiding the hidden danger

Easy To Use

The autoclave sterilizers adopts a shift type quick-open lid structure, which makes the lid opening and locking safe, reliable, flexible and light, and the LED digital display screen

Memory Function

The last sterilization program can be stored,which is convenient for secondary operation. Fixed program can be preset to sterilize sterilized items

Multiple Safety Protection

Automatic shutdown after sterilization (alarm), electronic and mechanical interactive safety structure, locking lid linkage, electronically controlled over-temperature


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