Knife Grinder-Membrane Switch

Label:Food Samples, Homogenization, Control Panel

Nov 19, 202011360

Knife Grinder-Membrane Switch

The knife grinder is an instrument specially designed for crushing and homogenizing food samples. It can crush the sample to the analysis fineness within a few seconds, and the crushing result has a high degree of homogenization, which can meet the requirements of laboratory operations and Various professional requirements raised by the analysis process.

Main Features:

○ Industrial motor, strong power, 900 watts, controllable speed
○ Up to 700ml sample volume
○ The instrument has an electromagnetic lock, the upper cover of the instrument cannot be opened during the grinding process
○ Accessories can be autoclaved
○ The operation mode can be directly selected on the control panel
○ With automatic intermittent mode, forward rotation mode, reverse mode and click mode
○ Coarse grinding and fine grinding in one step
○ A variety of grinding cups are available
○ Simple operation and quick start


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