Intelligent Dissolution Tester-Membrane Switch

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Nov 19, 202013240

Intelligent Dissolution Tester-Membrane Switch

Dissolution tester The dissolution tester is a microcomputer-controlled mechatronics test equipment for dissolution testing; it is mainly composed of a motor, a constant temperature device, a basket, a stirring paddle, a dissolution cup and a cup cover, etc.

Dissolution rate refers to the rate and extent of the dissolution of active pharmaceutical ingredients from formulations such as tablets, capsules or granules under specified conditions. It is an index for evaluating the quality of oral solid preparations of medicines, and a simple in vitro test method that simulates the disintegration and dissolution of oral solid preparations in the gastrointestinal tract. The dissolution test method puts a certain amount of a certain preparation in the rotating basket (dissolution cup) of the dissolution apparatus, and operates at a constant temperature of 37°C±0.5°C in the specified speed and dissolution medium according to law, and samples are taken within the specified time And determine the amount of dissolution.

Main Features:

● Friendly man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation.
●All working parameters can be preset and automatically stored, and there is no need to repeat the setting next time you turn it on.
●The speed control adopts SPWM subdivision power supply to drive the stepping motor, which has accurate speed, stable operation and low energy consumption.
●The constant temperature water bath adopts a built-in integrated temperature sensor and new software and hardware temperature measurement and control methods, which have fast temperature rise and high accuracy. The        temperature deviation can be easily corrected by software.
●The timer has three working states to choose from.
●With self-checking function and automatic protection function, it can give a variety of fault alarm signals.


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