Insulin Pumps-Membrane Switch

Label:Artificial Intelligence, Insulin Input Device, Control Hyperglycemia, Display Screen, Monitors

Oct 17, 20206460

Insulin Pumps-Membrane Switch

Insulin pump therapy is an insulin treatment method that USES artificial intelligence to control insulin input device and simulates the physiological secretion mode of insulin through continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion to control hyperglycemia. Inside is a reservoir of short-acting or quick-acting insulin, with a display screen and some buttons for setting up a pump program, and a sensitive drive motor that slowly pushes insulin from the reservoir through the infusion tube into the skin.

Most insulin pumps use monochrome, custom character liquid crystal displays (LCDS), and a few use color displays. The display provides information about insulin injection dose, injection speed, battery remaining capacity, time, date, prompt message and system alarm conditions (such as blocking or low insulin reserve). The FDA requires monitors to be self-tested when powered on, with built-in and testing features in the design. In addition, the user also needs to provide audiovisual response to touchscreen input.