Industrial Grade Packaging Machine with High Powered Pump

Label:Industrial Grade, Packaging Machine, High Powered Pump

Apr 17, 20232868

Industrial Grade Packaging Machine with High Powered Pump

About this item

Money Saving Machine! Our machine does not require the more expensive embossed style of bags that smaller suction sealers need. See average savings of over 80% per bag! Buy food in bulk and package into portions at your desire. 

Stop wasting money on spoiled food – pack, seal and save!

Spacious chamber size compatible for pouches up to 10” x 13” with durable acrylic lid allows for easy visibility. Paired with our high-powered industrial grade vacuum pump ensures a deep and complete vacuum every time. The extra wide seal element provides a permanent seal every time.

Simple to use operation panel allows for complete control over the every step in the packaging process. From a deep vacuum for long lasting freshness, to quick marinades and dry goods. You have ultimate control from start to finish.

100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed. Backed by many years of vacuum packaging experience in China, our team of experts is here to help.


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