Induction Hardening Machine-Membrane Switch

Label:Induction Electric, Fatigue Resistance, Crankshafts, Control Equipment

Oct 17, 202014060

Induction Hardening Machine-Membrane Switch

Induction hardening equipment refers to induction electric heating equipment for surface hardening of mechanical parts. Using the skin effect of the alternating current, using induction heating to heat the surface layer of the steel part and then cooling and quenching, the surface of the part can have high hardness and fatigue resistance, while the center still maintains the original toughness. Many kinds of mechanical parts such as gears, shafts, pins, crankshafts, etc. require this performance. Induction hardening equipment is used for such heat treatment processing.

The induction hardening equipment is composed of power supply, hardening machine tool and hardening control equipment.


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