Hydride Generator-Membrane Switch

Label:Absorption Spectrophotometer, Pneumatic Automation, Strong Adaptability, Peristaltic Pump

Dec 21, 2020560

Hydride Generator-Membrane Switch

The hydride generator is an important accessory of the atomic absorption spectrophotometer. When used with the atomic absorption spectrophotometer, the detection limit is three orders of magnitude higher than that of the flame atomic absorption method. It can be used for lead, arsenic, selenium, antimony, bismuth, tellurium, germanium, tin and cold atomic absorption method to measure mercury, and its sensitivity is better than 1ng/ml/1%A. It is widely used in environmental protection, disease control, sanitation and epidemic prevention, hospitals, medicine, food, industry and other fields.

Main Features:

⑴. Wu's pneumatic automation technology: use carrier gas source to automatically feed liquid (replace peristaltic pump) system, liquid measuring system (quantitative injection), multi-channel switch air resistance, flow regulator breathing tube, etc., which use carrier gas The automation system of the source pressure and the electronic components working, the electronic program-the time controller, etc. are all exquisitely installed, and the performance is better than the all pneumatic and all electric automation systems.

⑵. High degree of automation: with only one start button, the whole process of sample injection, generation, measurement and cleaning can be completed with a single tap, and it can be connected to the host to automatically read (the host must have this function).

⑶. Electrothermal quartz absorption tube (atomizer): small device (, rapid heating, easy installation, stable temperature, free adjustment, service life more than 5 times longer than flame heating, no fuel consumption, as long as the temperature drops quickly Change the analysis method. The new material safety protective cover is firm and reliable.

⑷. Superior analytical performance (sensitivity, detection limit, stability, work efficiency): sensitivity, most of the measurable hydride elements are better than 1ng/mL/1%A, for example, arsenic is better than 0.15ng/mL/1%A ;

Relative standard deviation (RSD): test standard 3% (factory control index is less than 1.5%; single measurement time is about 25-35 seconds).

⑸. Strong adaptability: new and old models of atomic absorption mainframes at home and abroad can be equipped with.

⑹. High reliability: low failure rate and basically no wearing parts.

⑺. Light weight and small size: net weight is about 2.5kg, length 250mm, width 175mm, height m190m.

⑻. Multiple reading methods are applicable: peak height reading (using this method), peak area reading, continuous reading.

⑼. Use condition setting: In addition to carrier gas, no effort is required to optimize. Solution dosage (each time): 2-3mL reagent (including cleaning, can be modified according to the special needs of users, the minimum can reach 0.6mL);