Hot Melt Coating Machine-Membrane Switch

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Nov 12, 202010640

Hot Melt Coating Machine-Membrane Switch

The hot melt coating machine is a special machine that can turn the polymer into a liquid adhesive that can flow and have a certain viscosity when the temperature reaches the melting point and coat it on the surface of the substrate.

The hot melt coating machine consists of the following components:

1. Unwinding component, the soft substrate to be coated (such as paper, membrane, copper platinum, aluminum platinum, etc.) can be rolled or non-rolled, keep stable, and a certain tension, ready for the next step.

2. Coating components. This part is the core part of the whole equipment. The upper and lower scrapers and storage tanks can be individually heated to the required constant temperature, and the precision of the scrapers can be adjusted to the required thickness.

3. The traction and winding components provide uniform traction, and include a composite part, which can composite another substrate and a glued substrate together.


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