Hot Air Circulation Electric Stove-Membrane Switch

Label:Chemical Gases, Baked, PC Board, Internal Heat Cycle, Non-contact Switch, Oven Chamber

Oct 23, 202012880

Hot Air Circulation Electric Stove-Membrane Switch
Hot air oven is suitable for baking chemical gases and food processing items to be baked, ink curing, paint film drying, etc. It is widely used in electronics, motors, communications, electroplating, plastics, hardware chemicals, instruments, printing, and pharmaceuticals , PC board, powder, impregnation, spraying, glass, wood building materials, etc. precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, shaping, processing, etc.; internal heat cycle, baking objects are heated evenly.

The air circulation system of the hot air circulation oven adopts a fan circulating air supply method, and the air circulation is uniform and efficient. The air source is driven by a circulating air motor (using a non-contact switch) to drive the wind wheel through the heater to send out the hot air, and then through the air duct to the oven chamber, and then suck the used air into the air duct to become the air source for recirculation. Heating use. Ensure the uniformity of indoor temperature.


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