Heavy Metal Analyzer-Membrane Switch

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Nov 16, 202011420

Heavy Metal Analyzer-Membrane Switch

Food, soil, and water are gradually polluted by industrial waste gas, waste water, and waste residues. Some people even directly use industrial waste water to irrigate crops, causing a large amount of heavy metal accumulation and accumulation in the soil cultivation layer, especially in the suburbs of cities. Excessive use of inorganic chemical pesticides has caused heavy metal content in vegetables and fish to seriously exceed the standard, and they continue to accumulate in the human body, leading to chronic heavy metal poisoning of consumers. Therefore, a heavy metal analyzer is needed for rapid combined determination of heavy metal elements.

The instrument can be useful in a variety of situations, such as:

1. Portable application for on-site emergency detection such as emergency monitoring of water environment pollution accidents;

2. Monitoring of surface water, groundwater, sea water, industrial wastewater, drinking water or other environmental water bodies;

3. Heavy metal detection and analysis in the laboratory;

4. Emergency detection of heavy metal contamination in food;

5. Detecting the content of heavy metals in solid materials such as soil and solid waste (through extraction).

Heavy metal analyzers generally adopt a modular design, which can realize simultaneous online analysis of multiple heavy metal elements. The modular design ensures that the equipment can operate stably for a long time. 

From the above application scenarios we can learn that the instrument is mostly used in some serious pollution and high water content places. This requires the instrument itself to reach a certain level of protection, such as IP66 or higher. Otherwise, the service life of the instrument will not be guaranteed.

There are large heavy metal analyzers on the market, as well as portable and handheld ones. The difference in the size of the instrument will also lead to a significant difference in the size and design of the membrane panel on the instrument. Large heavy metal analyzers usually have a matrix arrangement of membrane keys, which can help the user to determine the location of the keys more quickly. For portable or hand-held type, the keys are concentrated on the front panel.

Since the instrument will be used in contaminated scenarios, it is inevitable that the instrument will also be contaminated with some contaminants. In the case of contaminants are not cleaned up in time, the brighter the color of the ink on the panel, the better. Here we recommend using screen printing technology to print your membrane panels instead of using UV printing technology. As for the reason, you can watch this video to learn more about it.


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