GPS Land Area Meter-Membrane Switch

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Jul 19, 20211898116

GPS Land Area Meter-Membrane Switch

GPS Land Area Meter integrates a high-precision GPS positioning system, accurate area calculation methods and an intelligent handheld computer system to achieve real-time testing of irregular areas, dynamic graphic display, and intelligent data processing and storage. Data such as measurement area, perimeter, distance, and slope can be obtained at the same time for one measurement. All measurement data are easy to archive.

The purpose of GPS Land Area Meter:

It is suitable for measuring the area of farmland, green space, forest, water area, mountain slope and so on. Data such as measurement area, perimeter, distance, and slope can be obtained at the same time with one measurement. The measurement area graph and all measurement data can be called at any time, which is convenient for file preservation. It is a convenient tool for measuring the operating expenses of agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, soil management and other departments and agricultural machinery.

GPS Land Area Meter uses GPS global satellite positioning system, which can provide real-time navigation and positioning information such as latitude and altitude.

As a handheld instrument, the GPS Land Area Meter is the size of an everyday smartphone. The entire front of the device consists of an operating area and a display area.

As a manufacturer of membrane switches, we turned our attention to those Land Area Meters that use a membrane keypad and have summarized the following points to provide some design suggestions for Land Area Meter suppliers.

1. Dimensions: Due to the small size of the instrument, we recommend that the overall size of the keypad be around 10cm*10cm.

2. Surface Finish: Since the instrument needs to be used outdoors for a long time, we do not recommend using glossy materials;

3. Emobossed Button: In order to have a better touch, a embossement treatment of the button is necessary.

4. Special Requirement: IP66 Waterproof for long-term use outdoor.

We hope the above suggestions can help you to complete a better membrane keypad design for your GPS Land Area Meter.

For more specific design rules about Membrane Keypad / Graphic Overlay, please click here.


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