Fusion Splicer-Membrane Switch

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Dec 1, 202013340

Fusion Splicer-Membrane Switch

Optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly used for the construction and maintenance of optical cables in optical communications. The general working principle is to use a high-voltage arc to melt the sections of the two optical fibers and use a high-precision motion mechanism to gently advance the two optical fibers into one to achieve the coupling of the optical fiber mode fields.

In the development of modern communication, optical fiber and optical cable have replaced copper cables. Optical fibers are glass filaments. During the laying and application process, the problem of how to connect the glass filaments will be encountered. At this time, the optical fiber fusion splicer will be used. The optical fiber fusion splicer discharges through high temperature. The glass is melted and then connected together, so this is the value of the fiber fusion splicer.

Main Features:

1.The fusion splicer uses an infrared light source and a display screen to observe the entire fiber fusion splicing process, and the magnification of the fiber can reach 200-300 times.

2.The use of fully automated programming technology has helped to realize scientific and technological innovation awareness, saving human resources and ensuring environmental protection awareness.

3.The ultra-low connection consumption of the optical fiber fusion splicer saves a lot of resources and materials in maintenance and helps realize the design concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

4.The operation of the optical fiber fusion splicer is relatively simple. While effectively helping to realize the fusion splicing effect of the optical fiber, it also significantly deepens the humanized design concept.


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