Frozen Meat Slicer-Membrane Switch

Label:Frozen Boneless Meat, Time-saving, Ham, Meatballs, Sausage, Control Box

Oct 23, 202010280

Frozen Meat Slicer-Membrane Switch

Frozen meat slicer is used to slice frozen boneless meat blocks to a certain thickness without thawing, which can eliminate the thawing process of frozen meat, achieve time-saving and fast effects, and improve work efficiency. It is compatible with choppers and minced meat. The machine and mixer are used together to extend the service life of the equipment. It is widely used in processing plants such as ham, meatballs, canned meat products, hot dogs, and sausages. It is a necessary equipment for pre-processing and processing of meat products.

The frozen meat slicer is composed of motor, electrical box, control box, knife roller, adjusting block, pusher and other parts.


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