Flow Cytometer -Membrane Switch

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Nov 18, 202010220

Flow Cytometer -Membrane Switch
The flow cytometer is a medical in vitro diagnostic device that uses flow cytometry to perform quantitative analysis and sorting of single cells. Flow cytometry technology is a comprehensive high-tech product of immunocytochemistry technology, fluid mechanics technology, laser optics, electronics and computing science.

The system integration of flow cytometer is more complicated, including fluid control system, optical system, electrical signal processing system, environmental monitoring and control system, power management system, data processing system, etc.

Based on the characteristics of the flow cytometer system, the following design points must be considered:

1. High-speed and high-precision analog signal processing;
2. Temperature control is extremely important for cells and measurement;
3. High-precision automatic control (temperature, liquid level, mechanical action, etc.)

Membrane panels are also widely used in flow cytometers. The various systems of this instrument can be controlled through the membrane keypad to input instructions to complete the corresponding operations, especially the very important environmental monitoring system.

Environmental monitoring includes temperature monitoring and humidity monitoring. In 5 New Types of Temperature Control Devices - Monitoring the Transportation Temperature of Medical Items, we introduced five new types of temperature control equipment and devices. Without exception, they all adopted a membrane control panel design.

Although the membrane switch panel has appeared in the last century, it is still the best choice for many instrument and equipment manufacturers because of its many advantages.

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