Flash Point Tester-Membrane Switch

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Oct 17, 202013760

Flash Point Tester-Membrane Switch
Flash point is the minimum temperature at which the test flame causes the sample steam to ignite and the flame spreads to the liquid surface under specified test conditions. The ignition point is to continue heating on the basis of the flash point until the sample catches fire and can burn continuously for no less than 5 seconds. This temperature is the ignition point of the sample. Flash point value and ignition point value are used to indicate the existence of highly volatile or combustible substances in relatively non-volatile or combustible substances. They are one of the important parameters in transportation, storage, operation and safety management of petroleum products.

Flash point meter is used to analyze and test the minimum temperature of petroleum product when it is heated to the point where the steam meets the flame for an instant flash under specified conditions.

The main features:

1. All-membrane touch keypad

2. Microcomputer processor, intelligent design

3. Temperature compensation, automatic or manual correction

4. Control the whole process of heating, lid opening, temperature control, ignition, detection and display, and automatically print the test report


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