Ferrite Measuring Instrument-Membrane Switch

Label:Petrochemical Industries, Duplex Steels, Corrosion Resistance, Ferrite

Dec 9, 202015580

Ferrite Measuring Instrument-Membrane Switch

The chemical and petrochemical industries are increasingly using duplex steels. The boiler vessel is made of duplex stainless steel with high corrosion resistance. If the ferrite content at the weld is too low, it will easily break when subjected to tension or vibration. However, when welding dual-phase steel, due to improper welding additives or heat treatment, the ferrite content at the weld is very easy to exceed the standard. Only on-site inspection can ensure that the treatment process will not change the optimal ferrite content and prevent the degradation of mechanical properties or corrosion resistance.

Main Features:

1.Durable and convenient equipment for fast and accurate determination of ferrite content on site
2.Display the measured value as the percentage of ferrite (% Fe) or the volume content of ferrite (FE)
3.Large display screen for easy reading and comprehensive functions
4.Automatic love is measurement after the probe is activated
5.Provides a variety of probes for reliable measurement even in hard-to-reach areas
6.A variety of calibration materials to choose from
7.Only one calibration for the entire measurement area
8.It can also be used as a module of the desktop measuring instrument MMS PC2 with complete functions


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