Explosion-proof Dust Detector-Membrane Switch

Label:Light Scattering Method, Photomultiplier, Measuring Instrument, Explosion-proof

Nov 17, 202011640

Explosion-proof Dust Detector-Membrane Switch

The explosion-proof dust detector is designed on the principle of light scattering method. Using infrared lasers and imported photomultiplier tubes, the floating dust entering the darkroom is irradiated by infrared lasers. Under the conditions of certain dust properties, the scattered light intensity of the dust is proportional to the dust mass concentration, and the scattered light intensity is converted into an electrical signal. The preset K value can directly calculate the mass concentration of dust for use in environmental monitoring or other measurement and control systems. It is a measuring instrument that meets the explosion-proof design.

The explosion-proof dust detector is suitable for measuring the concentration of total dust or respirable dust in the environment where flammable, explosive and combustible gas mixtures exist. It has the features of digital display, accurate measurement value, stable performance, small size, light weight, simple operation, convenient use, etc.


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