Electrostatic Charge Generator-Membrane Switch

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Oct 14, 202011940

Electrostatic Charge Generator-Membrane Switch

The electrostatic generator, as the name suggests, is used to generate static electricity. It is commonly used in the industry to achieve electrostatic adsorption, in-mold labeling, steel plate coating, paper coating, etc.

The basic principles of all types of electrostatic generators are the same: energy is provided by a stable DC power supply, and after self-excited oscillation, it is converted into a frequency of 5kHz~20kHz, and boosted to 6kV~10kV alternating current. After multi-stage voltage doubling rectification, a high-voltage direct current source of 60kV~100kV-high-voltage static electricity can be generated.

The electrostatic attraction can be used for various applications of temporary adhesion. The static electricity generated by the electrostatic generator is applied to the object to be adsorbed, and the object is immediately charged with static electricity and adsorbed on the object. In this way, the original uneven objects, such as non-woven fabrics, paper, etc., can be smoothly absorbed on the metal plate and glass plate. This method is widely used in casting machines, film edge fixing, steel production, glass production and labeling, and mold industries.

The function of the electrostatic generator is single and fixed, and the design is relatively simple. Therefore, there are generally no more than 5 buttons on the panel. The shape of the button is mostly round or square. As for the embossment of the buttons, it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The display window is also necessary on this type of instrument. Some instruments will also design an LED indicator on the panel to inform the running status of the instrument.


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