Electrical Insulation Strength Tester-Membrane Switch

Label:Withstand Voltage Test, Large Power Transformers, LCD, Membrane Keyboard

Nov 30, 202010720

Electrical Insulation Strength Tester-Membrane Switch

The electrical insulation strength tester is mainly used for the withstand voltage test of polyethylene insulated power cables, and can also be used for the insulation withstand voltage test of large power transformers. Withstand voltage tester adopts ultra-low frequency and high voltage to test the withstand voltage of power cable is a new method.

Its working principle is: apply a voltage higher than normal operation to the insulator of the device under test for a specified period of time. The applied voltage will only generate a small leakage current, and the insulation is better.

Main Features:

(1) The control box of this instrument is integrated with the oil cup box. A microprocessor is used to automatically complete the operations of boosting, holding, stirring, resting, calculating, printing, etc.
(2) Using liquid crystal display, membrane keyboard, easy operation.
(3) The test value can be recorded ten times continuously, and no data will be lost after power failure.
(4) This instrument has protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and limit to protect the safety of operators.
(5) This instrument has the ability to resist strong electromagnetic interference, which can be used in laboratories and outdoor scenes.


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