Electric Lifting Magnet-Membrane Switch

Label:Magnetic Lifting, Electrical Permanent, Remote Control

Nov 10, 2020138810

Electric Lifting Magnet-Membrane Switch

The rechargeable electronically controlled permanent magnet is a high-tech magnetic lifting product. It adopts an electrical permanent magnet body, a maintenance-free battery, and a controller integrated into an integrated structure. The control system uses the most advanced electronic circuit, no contact, and can be eight parameters such as magnetization intensity and magnetization time can be quickly set. It is operated by remote control, which not only has the characteristics of convenient operation of electromagnet, but also has the safety of permanent magnet jack. It is a very practical magnetic lifting tool.

It is operated by remote control and can be operated far away from the lifting area and the object to be lifted. It is new and user-friendly, with two batteries and one charge, an emergency stop button, built-in magnetic regulator, which can adjust the magnetic force according to the different nature of the object. Avoid unnecessary waste due to excessive magnetic force. Only one operator can use the remote control to complete lifting, full magnetization, lifting, moving, landing, demagnetization and other operations in a safe place far away from the material. No other manpower assistance is needed in the operation, no other safety equipment, safety belts, safety chains, etc. are required.


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